WakaTime-Readme and Skill-Badge-Action

WakaTime-Readme and Skill-Badge-Action are both GitHub actions designed to improve my (and others) GitHub profiles.

WakaTime-Readme pushes current coding time statistics collected by the WakaTime tools to a specified GitHub profile README. There are already several projects that have implemented this functionality. However, they suspiciously stopped working after about a month for me, so I decided to build my own action using Go(lang).

The Skill-Badge-Action project was also built in Go and solves a problem I had before: I have the same skill badges on my portfolio and on my GitHub profile. I stored them in a Hygraph CMS for my portfolio but used to edit them manually on my profile README. To get rid of the redundance of this process, I created a Go GitHub action that runs every week and checks if my skill badges have been updated. If they have, it updates them on my GitHub profile README.

WakaTime-Readme Screenshot:

WakaTime-Readme Screenshot


It was particularly difficult to access my Hygraph CMS from Golang, as there are not
many resources on the web about this topic.

It also took me a while to figure out how to set up GitHub actions written in Go. In
the end, I achieved this using Docker images.